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“We were experiencing allergy issues that were noticeably worse when we spent time in the master bedroom and our quality of sleep wasn’t great. After a thorough cleaning the whole family feels better and I never realized until we had our ducts cleaned just how important clean air is to our overall health.”

Anne Rollins

Residential Home Owner

“Everyone was AWESOME!!! Very nice and professional. Would definitely use them again!!! They did a AWESOME job on coating my ducts!!!”
Billy Hanks

Residential Home Owner

“Jason was quick to come assess our ducts. He found water and rust and gave ideas for solution. He even came back 2x to re-inspect with camera. After the water dried, his crew came out to clean and spray a rubber-like coating in the ducts. The ducts look brand new! The crew was friendly, professional and very hard working. They cleaned up well after themselves. It was a joy to have them in my home. I wish I had done this sooner!”
Sandy Byrd

Residential Home Owner

“Ronnie & Kevin came out to our house to clean our air ducts. They were very thorough with their explanation of services and did a great job. I would highly recommend this company. Ronnie & Kevin were friendly and professional!”
Kendall Dykes

Residential Home Owner

“When I was younger, I was allergic to everything. When I moved into my house, I knew I needed to have the ducts cleaned. I guarantee you my air is cleaner, and I feel better than ever before!”
Jimmy Lee

Residential Home Owner

“I could tell our air conditioner was working harder than it should. After Air Doctor Duct Cleaning cleaned our ducts, there was a tremendous change overnight. My energy bill is lower. They are so professional, and their price is right.”

Residential Home Owner

“As a Mom and property owner, clean air is very important to me. When I called Air Doctor Duct Cleaning, I was happy with the first person I spoke with I’ve used them personally, professionally, and even recommended them to my Mom.”

Manager, Rental Properties

“Our air ducts were right above our linens display. We needed to do something. We called Air Doctor Duct Cleaning, and they cleaned our ducts. Now we no longer worry about dirty displays, they reduced allergens, and our store smells clean and fresh.”

Owner, The Dolphin, Utica Square