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Clean & Efficient Air For Customers & Employees

Reduce Excessive Sick Leave & Lost Productivity

As commercial buildings become more tightly sealed to promote energy efficiency, air particulate levels inside your building can greatly exceed those in the outside air – up to seventy times more – resulting in an increase of allergies, respiratory infections, headaches, asthma, sinus problems, a cough, eye, nose and throat irritation, dizziness and nausea. Reduce excessive sick leave and lost productivity due to poor indoor air quality by having your system cleaned now.
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Improve System Efficiency & Annual Energy Savings

According to the Department of Energy, dirty air handling systems can increase utility bills as much as 30%. A University of Idaho determined that when the air handling system was cleaned, the efficiency of their system increased from 42% to 78%, resulting in annual energy savings of over $7,000. In other words, cleaning their system paid for itself in less than one year while also improving their air quality!

Indoor air quality in commercial buildings may be degraded by:

  • Filters not maintained or replaced on a regular basis.
  • Failure to clean the system periodically.
  • Dust and debris from construction (both original construction and remodeling).

Air Doctor Duct Cleaning & Lining cleans air handlers, air ducts and boilers for all types of commercial buildings, including office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, schools, restaurants, high tech facilities, and manufacturing plants. We have the capability to clean anything from a mobile home to a ten-story high-rise. Most commercial jobs are very straightforward and we can often provide a quote over the telephone based on the number of supplies, returns and air handling units.

On complex projects, we will prepare a detailed estimate from the building’s mechanical blueprints and work with your building engineer to ensure minimal impact to normal operations. We comply with OSHA and NADCA safety requirements concerning confined spaces, lock out, tag out procedures, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment, and we have workman’s compensation and general liability insurance. Air Doctor uses state-of-the-art equipment and heavily invests in training technicians in the best and safest cleaning techniques.

Industrial Air Duct Cleaning & Lining Services

Eliminate Plant Shutdowns

Every year the news reports stories about lost productivity and factory downtime due to hazardous fires and massive sickness spread by dirty and infected air system. Air Doctor Duct Cleaning & Lining has professional and experienced crews with innovative solutions for improving the air quality in industrial complexes. Our services include removal of tissue dust, dry pulp, cobwebs and spiders, insulation and chips, dry debris and mold remediation.

Work can be performed after hours when necessary. In plants that operate 24/7, we can often clean while operations continue, enabling you to avoid the kinds of costly shutdowns that many plants have to undergo for routine cleanup.

We will work with your plant safety coordinator to arrange training for Air Doctor Duct Cleaning & Lining employees working in your facility. We are familiar with OSHA regulations regarding lock-in, lock-out, confined entry, use of personal protective equipment, fall protection and respiratory protection. For your protection, we also carry workman’s compensation and $2 million of commercial general liability insurance.