white rust

Mar 30, 2023

What is white rust?

White rust is a white chalky substance that forms on galvanized steel. White rust is
unfortunately a frequent problem when it comes to galvanized steel. So how does that pertain to you
and your home? Air ducts are made from galvanized steel. When your air ducts are exposed to moisture
in the air then the white rust starts to attack your air ducts. When your HVAC unit starts up, it then
blows the white rust around your home making it look like dust. Have you ever dusted then what feels
like a day later you have a build-up of dust on the surfaces of your home? This could be white rust. It
also attacks the metal of the ductwork over time. No matter how many times you have your air ducts
cleaned you can still have white rust in your ducts. No form of air duct cleaning can 100% rid your
galvanized metal ducts of white rust. So, what is your solution to save you hours of dusting?

Air duct lining with Duct Armor. Air Doctor is the only company in the area that sprays Duct Armor. Duct
Armor is a patented product that completely seals your ducts. It seals and protects your duct from white
rust entering your family’s home. It can also seal any holes or weak spots in your ducts to ensure that
your HVAC system is running at 100% capacity. Which will end up saving you money on your monthly
utility bills, with inflation as high as it is every dollar counts.

So instead of fighting the daily white rust dust or losing money to imperfections in your ductwork call Air
Doctor today about getting a free video inspection to see what is in your ducts or the weak spots that
you may be losing money on. Air doctor is fully insured and bonded, we send out our certified
technicians to seal your ducts. With Air Doctor, you also receive a 15-year transferable warranty. That is
the longest warranty that is offered on any duct sealing in the area.


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