Aging duct systems can be restored and protected for lasting results

Oct 26, 2021

Maybe you’ve been told that you need to convert your in-ground air ducts to an overhead system due to rust or mold, or you’ve been concerned about the air quality in your home. Let us show you a better solution! Duct Armor is a nondestructive system for restoring your existing underground ducts. Duct Armor was specifically developed to line your air ducts bringing them back to like-new condition. You can once again have the peace of mind knowing the air in your home is clean, comfortable, and more energy efficient.

The process begins with a live video inspection to assess the amount of damage and determine the most effective approach to restore the ducts.

The application of the patented Duct Armor product can be done in 1 day for most homes.
Homeowners can enjoy the benefits, and immediately use their air system as soon as the lining job is complete.


  • Less Expensive
  • Installs in less than a day
  • No demolition required 
  • No loss of attic space
  • More energy efficient
  • Remediates mold
  • Reduces allergies
  • Environmentally safe

When your ready to learn more or have us come out for an inspection, give us, Air Doctor Duct Cleaning & Lining, a call at 918-628-1800. We’re here ready to help you!


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