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How Healthy Is The Air In Your Home ?

Restore your old rusty and moldy heat and air ducts to better than new condition with Duct Armor™. Your newly restored ducts will not only prevent future rust and mold growth but also are more energy efficient, saving you money on utility bills. The results speak for themselves, so call us today at 918-236-8631!

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Restore & Protect Your Duct System For Lasting Results

Are Your Air Ducts Rusted Or Moldy ?

Before considering converting your old underground ducts to an overhead system, let us show you a better solution. Duct Armor™ is a nondestructive system for restoring your existing underground ducts. With our patented restoration process, you can once again have peace of mind knowing the air in your home is clean, comfortable and efficient.

Video inspections are free for residential and commercial properties with air ducts that are in the slab or crawl space.

Advantages Of Duct Armor™

  • Less Expensive
  • Installs In Less Than A Day
  • No Demolition Involved
  • No Lost Attic Space
  • Makes Your Home Feel More Comfortable
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Remediates Mold
  • Reduces Allergies
  • Environmentally Safe

Disadvantages Of Overhead Conversion

  • More Expensive
  • Takes Days To Install
  • Demolition Required
  • Huge Loss of Attic Space
  • Makes Your Home Feel Less Comfortable
  • Less Efficient
  • No Anti-Mold Properties
  • Can Increase Allergies

Duct Armor™, America’s Leader In Air Duct Restoration, Is Proud To Offer The Solution To Restoring Your Aging Ducts.

Our Process..

Our patented* process is nondestructive and can be done while you are at home. We begin with a live video inspection of your entire system to help diagnose if your home has a water problem and determine the most effective approach for restoring your ducts. The restoration process usually takes less than a day to complete, saving you time and money. You can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of your newly restored ducts as soon as we are finished.

Our Product..

Our coating has a high zinc content to prevent corrosion and mold. It is a proprietary material made up of more than 50% bonding agent allowing it to adhere to surfaces, making it air tight and resistant to water damage. It is also water based, making it environmentally friendly. This material has been rigorously tested for safety and exceeds all building codes.

Our Team..

Each of our installers is trained, certified and dedicated professionals who take pride in their work.
Duct Armor™ is maintenance free and is backed by a 15-year warranty.

Licensed by Duct Armor™, the patent holders of the proprietary and patented technology for repairing HVAC air ducts affected by mold and rust. Innovative technology makes use of Enviroliner to restore corroded and /or moldy air ducts, which exceeds all code requirements. U.S. Patent #7, 112,350 B1