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Air Doctor Duct Cleaning & Lining serves it customers in Eastern Oklahoma and NW Arkansas. We provide air duct services that will help our clients to breathe cleaner air by reducing allergens and dust that accumulate over time while extending the life of their HVAC system.

Our company is a registered dealer for Duct Armor and can line your in-ground air ducts when there is a presence of rusting, mold, vermin infestation, holes in the duct work system and other signs of deterioration. Air duct lining is a less costly and non-invasive alternative to an attic conversion. The patented Duct Armor lining comes with a 15-year warranty which is transferable.

Air Doctor Duct Cleaning & Lining also provides dryer vent cleaning and video inspections of duct work during a home’s inspection TRR phase. Home buyers should request their realtor to contact us for an inspection.

Unlike many companies, Air Doctor cleans your whole system – the air ducts, grills, blower, a-coils – all interior surfaces of your home’s air distribution system.

We invest in the best equipment, our technicians are trained and certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), and we run background checks on all employees, so you’ll feel safe inviting us into your home.

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